Continuous structural monitoring

S-lynks is a complete solution for continuous infrastructure monitoring of bridges, dams, large buildings, tunnels, etc. It analyzes the behavior of the structure and detects anomalies which makes it a great tool to meet the growing requirements for predictive maintenance programs.

This fully integrated system can be installed permanently on the structure and the data collected immediately transmitted to a remote secure software platform.

Thanks to the S-lynks’ class leading ultra-sensitive embedded sensor, it is no longer necessary to restrict access to structures in order to carry out a real-time analysis of their integrity. Moreover, maintenance operations can now be more efficiently scheduled extending the service life of each structure.

Full monitoring with uninterrupted
use of the structure

QuietSeis®: the MEMS accelerometer

The QuietSeis sensor is the most sensitive MEMS accelerometer on the market. With best-in-class noise performance, QuietSeis measures a structure’s natural environmentally induced vibrations (vehicle traffic, wind, micro-earthquakes) eliminating the need to shut down the structure in order to carry out analyses of structural performance.

Operational modal analysis

The S-lynks solution includes an advanced software technology from an Inria-UGE research team providing an automatic operational modal analysis that meets all civil engineering control requirements for infrastructure. It offers a global vision of the entire structure by supplying accurate data iabout the mode frequencies and related distortion.

Simplified installation and management

Wireless and energy self-sufficient equipment

S-lynks consists of several compact wireless recording units designed to operate on a stand-alone basis for up to 5 years.

The units can be adapted to all types of structures, whether contemporary or traditional, and can be installed easily without any electrical connection.

Ease of setup

Any unit’s tilt from vertical is corrected automatically thanks to the three-axis QuietSeis sensor. Each unit can therefore be attached to any surface of the structure, regardless of mounting angle.

Support service during operation

The S-lynks solution offers a maintenance service which guarantees full functionality at all times. A dedicated Sercel team monitors the system status remotely (battery level, data transmission, performance, software revision, etc.). In case of failure or in the event that a critical threshold is reached, you will be notified immediately by one of our experts such that all measures can be taken to quickly correct the situation.

Real-time data access

Secure data storage

After collection and processing in situ, the structural data is available for immediate remote access via a secure platform. The S-lynks solution can therefore be used to verify the integrity of a structure at any time and from any device. Security is guaranteed as the solution also provides for the transmission of encrypted data over the entire communication chain.

Remote control

Lastly, the S-lynks solution allows for the remote control and activation of on-demand modal analysis to check for changes in the integrity of the structure following specific events (traffic accidents, micro-earthquakes, adverse weather conditions).

our partnership with Apave

In partnership with Apave, we have developed a unique real-time structural monitoring and predictive maintenance solution for the French and Italian market called AP’Structure.