About us

Sercel Structural Monitoring is the SHM division of Sercel with specific applications to bridges, large buildings, railway, dams and mining.

Sercel designs and manufactures high-tech solutions for subsurface exploration. Capitalizing on its more than 60 year world-leading position in the seismic acquisition industry, Sercel also provides innovative solutions for structural monitoring, defense and underwater acoustics applications. 

Integrating Geocomp, Sercel provides also services and products to help clients identify and manage risk associated with the design, construction, and operation of infrastructure.

With a strong reputation for quality in manufacturing, Sercel’s employees pride themselves in delivering the highest performing equipment capable of operating reliably and efficiently in even the most adverse conditions. 

Our secret is simple: we listen to our customers, we understand their unique needs, and we invest in the research and development necessary to design the solutions that fulfill their most demanding requirements.

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Why Structural Monitoring?

In the news

In recent years there has been a significant number of catastrophic structural collapses and as the world’s infrastructure ages this number continues to grow over time. SHM provides a safe and cost effective solution to avoid this type of occurrence.

Leader in the seismic equipment market

Already a world leader in seismic acquisition for oil & gas exploration, Sercel is taking advantage of its expertise to provide solutions for structural monitoring.

Fit for purpose for SHM

The range of equipment offered by Sercel for SHM has been developed from Sercel’s industry leading seismic systems, which have enjoyed an international reputation for excellence through many years of successful deployment worldwide for oil and gas exploration.

Our values

Focus on Performance

• We operate with a long-term view and deliver superior results.
• We focus on the customer, pursue excellence and continuously improve.
• We are individually committed to company-wide success.
• We deliver quality in a sustainable, safe & environmentally responsible manner.

Passion of Innovation

• We believe innovation is core to our company
• We say what we think and know that being challenged is essential to progress.
• We delegate and empower people to make decisions and encourage initiative.
• We drive the advance of technology.

Powered by People

• We strive to excel and have a passion for what we do.
• We recognize and reward individual commitment and performance.
• We believe teamwork is our driving force and value global diversity.
• We seek and provide opportunities for personal development and professional advancement.

Delivered with Integrity

• We lead by example.
• We build trust through listening, being open, honest and consistent.
• We support and apply decisions once they are made.
• We take responsibility for our actions, our accountability and honor our commitments.