Detect & Prevent infrastructure damage

Sercel’s Structural Monitoring Solutions aim to detect and prevent damage to engineering infrastructure and to guarantee their integrity. Our Solutions allow owners and operators to better execute maintenance programs, maximizing operational uptime and potentially extending the structure’s lifespan.

  • Safety and security: by identifying any structural deficiencies in order that timely mitigating measures can be made in order to prevent future failure.
  • Lifetime extension: by regularly monitoring structural performance such that the evolution of the aging process can be accurately tracked.
  • Maintenance budget optimization and prioritization: efficiently schedule necessary maintenance and renovation operations.
  • Business and operational continuity: ensure quick and safe return to operation after hazardous events such as earthquakes, storms, accidents, etc
  • Assist the operational decision making process: by benefiting from a steady stream of and customized analyses of the structures instrumented.
  • Provide a powerful data collection platform using Geocomp’s i SiteCentral® solution

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